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Hello, we are

We are

Rainbreak is a collective of people who support each other, their communities and the environment.

We are a collective of people who choose to serve all people who have a positive impact on the environment, communities, and/or are advancing a cause that we find important to support.

We are leaders, change makers and rebels. We are working with individuals, groups, companies and organizations up to 150 employees; perhaps those who identify similarly.

We are curious, courageous, joyful and imperfect.

We have a genuine interest in YOU as an imperfect human being. We love bringing you joy and love helping you make bold moves in your life.

Faical Bachiri

My name is Faical Bachiri. I am a coach and I live near Prague, Czech Republic.

I am a father of 3 boys who is passionate about Music (DJ + guitar) and people.

For me the world is full of possibilities, interesting concepts and exciting challenges.

Mostly I am stimulated by difficult situations, devising creative responses and plunging into activity, trusting my ability to improvise.

I have roots in 2 different continents, 2 political systems, 3 different countries, 4 different languages and a strong belief in the good of woman/man.

So I would describe myself as creative, imaginative, conceptual but most of all curious.

From business, religion, politics to relationships I find myself going to the bottom of things.

At the same time I am enthusiastic and I love inspiring and motivating people with new ideas, and different points of views.

Nicole Adelman

I am a passionate and engaged Leadership Facilitator and professional Actor, Voice Over artist, film and TV professional, and radio host. With an inspiring, feisty and friendly approach, I help craft A-Level communicators, storytellers, performers and empowered speakers within high level management and executive teams.

I reveal how public speaking can be viewed from a playful, fun and poetic approach that allows the unlocking of your authentic voice.

Wouter Koolmees

Live and work with passion and purpose! Are you looking to raise your self-awareness and integrate your values and talents into a balanced, meaningful lifestyle?

I’m inspired by people who are open, curious and motivated to live a passionate and purposeful life, on their own terms. I’ve traveled extensively, held many different job titles (including some in the corporate jungle), and live life as a curious child: failing, learning and fascinated by human interaction from a young age thru the years and many meaningful conversations, I have developed a passion for supporting people accomplishing their dreams.

After completing my NLP practitioner and Coaching certification with Erickson international I have decided to take the next step and become coach.

Lukas Petr

Lukáš Petr, nice to meet you. For Czechs, please do not mix up my name with my surname. Just call me Lukáš.

I am a student of Master's degree in field of Innovation Project Management and also job-experienced in working with international students.

I consider myself a purposeful person who is willing to learn new things, explore every corner of the globe, and have a 'green mood' until death. Everything you do is just about joy, happiness and satisfaction.

I desire to work with various people with different mindsets, roots, and people interested in a multicultural environment.
Looking forward to anyone willing to discuss about education, music and travelling (especially mountains)!

Zuzana Dvorakova

I am Zuzana, currently multitasking housewife combining work, family, sport, and friends.

I like to be helpful to others, to be responsible, but at the same time always to have fun! In this way, I am supporting all the members of Rainbreak and I am enjoying the creative spirit of our team.

We believe

We believe that value creates value.

We believe in making people feel valuable by valuing them. The more valuable people feel the more things of value they begin to create.

We believe that there is enough in this world and our goal is that every person in this world gets the support he or she needs no matter how much money he or she has.

We are:






With ethics, play, joy, music, with clarity, provocation and with honor for different and shifting perspectives, we are at service to people, communities, and organizations.

We thrive to create safe atmospheres in which people can be vulnerable, can accomplish many things, perhaps more than previously imagined, and feel inspired.


  • Coach
  • Mentor
  • Train
  • Do workshops
  • Inspire
  • Play (music, theater, ...)
  • Shift perspectives
  • Create mixtapes
  • Stay at home

... and any other creative way that helps people and teams grow in a sustainable way, and in accordance to their values.

Did you know that we can help you identify the 20% of things that you do that bring you 80% of your success?

The Robin Hood Approach

The Robin Hood approach is about creating win/wins.

It is about taking more from people who have enough and using these funds to support those who are making a positive impact and need more means to do so.

It is about providing our services to everyone, not just the ones who have the resources.

Our goal is to work 80% of our time with people and teams who need support because they have a positive impact on the environment, community or are advancing a goal that we find important to support and to be fully transparent about it.

Reach out to us and we can talk more about how this works and about how we may be of service to you.


If you want us to support and help you with our services please reach out to us.

Robin Hood in the film

Did you know that the story of Robin Hood apprears in more than 50 films?

Robin Hood in the air

Did you know that until 2016 there was a Robin Hood airport in Doncaster, South Yorkshire?

What we do

All our work we do:

  • for individuals (1:1)
  • for groups/companies no bigger than 150 people
  • online, onside or offside

We do teachings, workshops, lessons and coaching to the following topics:

1. Feedback for freelancers (and others)

  • How to incorporate feedback in your work to add more value to your work (and therefore get more value out of your work).
  • Intended for self-employed people, applicable for everyone

2. Creating (company) cultures

  • We help teams to come up with their values and how to live according to them at work.
  • We help organizations find their purpose.
  • We help companies create safe environments in which their working culture can grow.
  • Help defining and creating company culture from scratch.

  • How to add more play (creativity) to your work?
  • How to run a meeting? How to work with feedback?
  • How to have uncomfortable conversations?

  • When working with teams we also offer to coach and train leaders in all aspects of leading teams and individuals (relationship management).

3. Growing leaders (of your life)

  • We create leadership development programs for teams and companies, to help them build well-functioning, creative and successful teams.
  • We help leaders (managers) grow - leadership development (future leaders or experienced leaders)
  • We especially support women in leadership
  • Also: How to build a great team? How to find the right people (interview training)? How to make decisions - and to focus on the vital few and not the trivial many? … and others

4. Shifting perspectives

  • How to think differently lessons
  • Life coaching - helping your making changes in your life
  • Classics class - stoicism
  • Less is better - essentialism classes


We will bring you our breathtaking video references soon!

Zuzana Janáková

Mediální zastoupení
kulturních projektů

"Faical je dochvilný, milý, přemýšlející a empatický. Dokáže se vcítit do druhého a pojmenovat problémy, které ho trápí. Zároveň mu dokáže pomoci najít cestu z pracovních situací, které vyhlíží beznadějně. Cvičení, která zadává mají smysl a hlavu a patu ale zároveň nezaberou moc času."
Hana Schneeberg

Head of Publishing

"Faical is great at asking the hard questions that need to be answered in order to grow. Making me see things from a different perspective thereby allowing me to handle situations in a different and better way."
Ivona Remundová


"Nicole helped me release my fears and my patterns of speech that were no longer working and showed me the way to becoming the television host that I am today. She is not only an excellent teacher but also a great inspiration and motivator. She's the kind of guide that pulls out the best in you, while respecting and caring for you all at the same time."
Hubert Glinski

Manager SAP Ariba

"Faical is great at creating an environment were the possibilities are endless. He provides support by removing (imaginary) obstacles in order for the team to reach their goals, that seemed impossible at first."


Alešová 769,
Černošice 252 28
+420 792 495 312
faifutureff at gmail.com

Join us!

We are looking for people passionate about intercultural training.
We are open to people who would add different skills that are not listed above.
We are looking for people who are able to teach about to see what is not visible, to hear what has not been said.

How can we be of service?

Should you have any question or you need more information about topics you have just gone through, do not hesitate to contact us on the email you can see above and/or below.

faifutureff at gmail.com